About me

                   foto credit Ben Deiman
foto credit Ben Deiman
Rosa Cornelissen started glassblowing in 2014 at the age of twenty-one.
At first she followed an studie at the Royal art Academy of Fine Arts, the Hague. She wanted to do an internship. 


The choice was made between glassblowing and lacemaking. It was a simple decision because her parents live in Leerdam, the glass capital of the Netherlands.
Rosa started her internship at de Oude Horn, where Bernard Heesen is making his glass art. 
Benard Heesen learned her the basics of glassblowing and during this internship she discovered her passion for turning glass into art.


Present-day Rosa is still learning the complicated but wonderful craft of glassblowing. More exhibitions are soon coming your way, check out the website for more information. 
 If you are interested you can see the exhibitions and selling points below.
Feel free to send her an email!

Exhibitions/ Selling Points

Glasrijk, Tubbergen

2017 Oktober


Museum Rijswijk,

2016 December 


Galerie Arti-Shock, Rijswijk

2016-2017 19 November 


Natuurwinkel Naturijn, Culemborg 

2016 September


Haagse Kunstkring, Den Haag

2016 September 


Festival Designkwartier, Den Haag

2016 May


Gallery de Hollandsche Maagd, Gouda

2016 April  NOW


Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag

2016 February NOW



De Oude Horn, Bernard Heesen 

2014 -2017


The Royal Art Academy of Fine Arts,    Furniture Design

2011 - 2014